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We are a dedicated team, passionate about making your dreams a reality.

"I am dedicated to making you happy about the product that you get from my company because it's so great. I promise you will be pleased!"
- Frank Basefield

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wojtek schab

Wojciech Schab 
Live and Let Live

jordan brugger

Jordan Brugger 
Always There for You 



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We are passionate people who love their hometown and who want to spread a word about Winnipeg. We always count on our visitor and users of our service to provide the most accurate and up to date information. We strive to make your experience on e-Winnipeg.ca as pleasant as possible. We would never create this website without you. Thank you for your support and input.

Send us your feedback – anything that's on your mind – whether good or bad, compliments or criticisms, we want to hear it. If something is bothering you, we'll work to fix it. If you like something we're doing, we'll continue to do it. Your insights are critically important, and we want to make sure we're continually raising the bar on your experience with e-Winnipeg.ca