kermit drunk200xWhether you are a drinker or not, this party game will be equally fun for all.


You will need some outdoor space (it gets messy), sticks of equal length (broomsticks or other household materials will work), trays and a number of plastic cups. This game is a race, so gather as many people as your outdoor space holds. The more the merrier.


Once you create a start line and a finish line, your set up is complete. Have all participants’ line up at the start line, each with a partner standing nearby holding a tray full of plastic cups half filled with water (or paint, if you really want to get dirty).

 trees drunk300x

Each participant is to bend over and lean their head onto the stick that is positioned upright on the ground. With your head down, spin your body around the stick for 20 seconds, not taking your forehead off of it. Once the 20 seconds are up, stand upright and grab the tray from your partner. If you’re lucky enough to still be on your feet at that time, get to the finish line as quickly as possible, spilling as little water/paint out of your cups as you can.


Whoever reaches the finish line the fastest or reaches it at all, wins. WARNING: this is a lot harder than it seems. You will be a complete mess, tipping over and spilling the water/paint all over yourself and your friends.


But the bigger the mess, the better the fun… right?