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Zinc in tablets as a supplement.Why is Zinc so important for our overall wellness? Zinc plays a very important role in proper functioning of the human body. It is necessary for healthy digestion and is responsible for proper operation of at least 100 enzymes. However there are even more health benefits you should know about. A Zinc deficiency on the other hand can have serious impacts on your everyday life.

Wood tick on a man's hand.We all love the outdoors however wood ticks make it harder for us to enjoy outdoor activities every single year. Let’s try to find out what they like and how to avoid them.

Lady sleeping on her side.For most people sleep is a base for good health and beauty, but for others it is just waste of time. Let’s have a look at all the fascinating things that happen when we sleep and the influence sleep has on our bodies.

Toxic relationship. Woman with a man wearing respirator.Maybe you’re in a relationship and very much in love with your partner, but sometimes you subconsciously feel that something is wrong. This could mean that you are in a toxic relationship. This type of relationship will cause damage to your self-esteem as well as drain and deplete you of your positivity and energy. Here we will try to help you understand what the warning signs of a toxic relationship are.

New Camera L16 with 16 lensesTechnology is constantly changing. An interesting way to observe all these dynamic changes is through photography. All manufacturers are looking for a solution that would allow them to create the perfect camera. Lately there has been lots of interest in a camera called “Light L16” recently. Could this be the perfect one?