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We have created this section based on the most frequent questions we receive through contact form, email and social media channels from visitors and users of e-Winnipeg.ca platform. We believe that this information help you to get to know a specific of this website. Please remember that there are no stupid questions and we will answer all of them and we address all your concerns. We want to build strong community with you and we want to promote our beautiful city. 

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Service Related Questions

Yes, Most of e-Winnipeg.ca sections are free of charge. There can be a situation where publishing additional data requires subscription fee but basic service is free of charge.  Please contact us if you want to find out what extended services we offer. On the other side advertising on our service requires subscription fee and all terms and conditions are the subject of separate agreement.

Each user or visitor that wants to get an access to full functionality of the service has to register. During registration process the user will have to provide his email address and set unique id and password up. After registration the user will receive an access to free features like Discussion Forum, Classified Ads, Business Directory and Obituaries. Owner of the service takes all necessary precautions to protect user’s privacy. Please refer to privacy policy for full information.

To cancel your registration with e-Winnipeg.ca please contact administrator. Provide your unique ID and email address. The administrator will remove your account within 72 hours from the date of notice. You will be notified about this fact by a separate email.

Yes, we want to cooperate with partners who want to advertise with us. Such cooperation is subject of a separate agreement. We offer flexible payment plans, various ads sizes and placement, and possibility of custom made ads according to customer requirements. For pricing information please visit: www.e-Winnipeg.ca/About Us/Pricing Information.

Prices are dependent on ads size, placement and a length of time an ad will be displayed on the website. For pricing information please visit: www.e-Winnipeg.ca/About Us/Pricing Information. Please note that we can also provide ads custom sizes and placement. This will be subject of separate agreement. Please contact us for more details.

Yes, you can add more information about your company in our Business Directory listings. Such service is subject of separate agreement and requires a subscription fee of $15/month. You will get additional space on our server and you can freely modify the content. Please contact us for more information.

No, hyperlinking to 3rd party services is strictly prohibited unless you received prior written consent from owner of the portal. Such procedure is connected with security reasons and privacy policy of the portal. We are not responsible for any content on the 3rd party websites and any harmful software that can be embedded there. We have implemented such procedure to minimize a risk of the damage that can result in visiting such websites. Privacy of our users is very important to us.

Light a candle is a part of our Obituaries service. It allows registered users of the site to easily and quickly light candles in the memory of a person who died, to support a cause, or even for your own wellness. Your prayers and intentions will be displayed both on Obituaries page and the Home page.

Please contact administrator of the service to get any type of help. We will get back to you as soon as possible and we will address all your concerns. Please contact us also if you discover any piece of information that was posted by our users and in its nature is untrue, abusive or racist. Such behaviours violate Terms and Conditions of the portal use. We cannot be responsible for content that is post by our users but we want to prevent unethical behaviours and create the portal respectful place for all visitors.